Friday, December 14, 2007

Why cant you see me cry..

Watching you go is slowly killing me inside
To see the pain you suffer,
it just isn't right
I find myself crying though you're still here.

One day you won't be,
and that's my greatest fear.
So I soak up the moments I still have with you.
And regret the ones I lost when I had better things to do.

I know there are things I can never make up for,
And still somewhere inside you loved me all the more
This only makes it harder to accept that you'll be gone.

How am I supposed to get up and keep moving on?
You've been here my entire life in many memories.
One day I'll make new ones and you won't be with me.

When I have a question, where do I run too?
For all of these years,
that person's been you.

When I have a fear, who will chase it away?
I'm shrinking by the minute,
dying by the day.

How many I love you's can I fit in before you go?
There will never be enough,
and sadly this I know.

For the sake of my heart and the thoughts in my mind,
I'll say I love you, one final time..

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