Thursday, December 20, 2007

Butterfly Kisses

Pink candy canes and butterfly kisses
Close your eyes darling, fulfill all your wishes
Slide down the rainbow into a sea of gold
To a magical place where you never grow old

Keep a tight hold of your dear teddy bear
Watch as the mermaids comb their shining hair
They'll sing you a song with voices so sweet
Listening to them is such a lovely treat

Chocolate drops fall from a Vanilla sky
Pixies and fairies are all flying high
Scattering pixie dust over your head
This is better than any fairytale you've read

The glitter carousel is waiting to start
Shimmering unicorns beg you to take part
The organ strikes up a tinkling tune
About a little cow who jumped over the moon

Pink candy floss cloads float lazily past
Time in this dreamworld flies by way too fast
A cute little elf reaches for your hand
Ring around the roses then fall on the sand

Butterfly kisses and cold lemonade
An enchanted dreamworld that your mind has made
So go to sleep sweetheart, close your tired eyes
Spend all your sweet dreams with magic butterflies

1 comment:

Mridul Dua said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!VERY VERY CUTE!!!! no new nursery rhymes have ben written since CENTURIES!!! this one's worthy of becoming one....