Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pressure is placed on all shoulders,
Promising futures are often sought,
Beauty lies with unsuspecting beholders,
With lessons, that have yet been taught.

Prosperity awaits, those who endeavor,
Thighest of highs and lowest of lows,
With inspiration and thoughts so clever,
As you embark on this journey you chose.

The memories of yesterday's corruption,
Haunt the ambition of tomorrow's dreams,
Beware of life's complicated interruption,
For nothing shall ever be what it seems.

Your word is your greatest possession,
As only you have the power to betray,
For some, manipulation becomes profession,
A modest influence is what they'll portray.

Remain faithful to yourself and desires,
Never jeopardize, for a moment of glory,
Hard work and heart is all life requires,
We're all writers of our own life story.

1 comment:

Mridul Dua said...

good work!!! you might wanna change that line "THIGHEST of highs" to "HIGHEST of highs" though...