Wednesday, October 03, 2007



I want to cry, yet I smile.
I want to die, yet I lie.
I want to go, and yet I hold.
I just don’t know what to do!!

I want to be, nonentity but me.
I want to see, nobody but her.
I want t know, nothing but truth.
I just can’t have it done.

I want to be gaunt, and even haunt.
I want to sleep, and even dream.
I have the will, to change the will.
Why I should do I just don’t know?

Explaining myself the ominous sides
I want to surf the tides.
Setting my wishes free I am in the seventh sky.
I want to glide.

Holding makes me a looser,
Though born to loose, never I.
Throwing her away is the key,
Yet who wants it that way??

Kicking her away I shall never cry,
Then even what makes me shy??
Taws just a little flirting that I did,
Who knew it will turn to be this??

Confused I am yet never remain.
God only knows why I am twisting n twain.
Swinging like pendulum shall I ever be,
Between the faces of reality and dream!!

Anant Semwal
Date 3’rd October 2007

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Anonymous said...

heyy realli nice poem ..i luvd it ... reaalli gud

keep up n keep writin .. nice work

bye tc